Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Highly distressed

I know some would look at this old chippy vanity and think it either needs stripped or repainted but I think it looks perfect. This piece is naturally distressed.But i have to say I have worked for weeks on certain peices to get them to look this worn out and tired. My dear husband thinks I am crazy. I guess he's right but I can't help it. This stuff really thrills me. It's in my blood. I tried to quit once but a couple of years later I was back at it again. I can't get enough of acquiring these objects that have such history to tell of the places they've been and the families they've belonged to. I guess I am over - romanticizing my hobby. But i always wanted to be an archeologist and this is sort of simular to that in my mind any way. There is nothing more thrilling than a good day at the auction and a truck  loaded to the brim with all of my tired treasures ready for their new life.

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